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High Stepping in Heavenly Places
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A Mom Walks Through the Book of Ephesians

Walking in the World. Seated with the Savior.

Keeping our spiritual equilibrium while living in earthbound bodies is a continual juggling act for all believers. Add the responsibility of being a mom and the process becomes more difficult. Mothering is a tough job whether we parent in the toddler stage or the teen phase.

As we study the Book of Ephesians, He will instruct us how to walk worthy of His calling and in the light of His divine revelation. God has provided a way for us to walk in this world while we sit with the Savior in heavenly places. Lace up your walking shoes to go High-Stepping in Heavenly Places.

The 191-page workbook is designed for individual use as a self-guided 8-week Bible study. It is also perfect for small groups or for a church setting with the addition of Jean's video series. The accompanying DVDs or CDs create a 10-week study. The Leader's Guide (included in the workbook) offers helpful hints to incorporate the video-driven Bible study into your church programming.

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