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Live Like a Queen
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Reigning in Real Life from the Story of Esther

For such a time as this, Esther had been elevated to the Queen of the Medo-Persian Empire. Now she faced an impossible situation. She and her people were under a death sentence. Wicked Haman had managed to pass an edict that would effectively wipe out the Hebrews. Satan has always plotted to interrupt the lineage of Christ. Yet God was silently but providentially working behind the scenes to ensure His divine purposes and plans would prevail. The study of her life will help us learn to live up to our royal position as heirs of God and joint-heirs with Jesus. There is more to living like a queen than just looking good in the crown! Life lessons for mothering and for developing personal holiness will be extracted from the study and you will learn to live like the royal family member of King Jesus.

The 160-page interactive workbook provides an 8-week personal Bible study with 5 daily lessons. Jean's self-guided study along with homework and thought-provoking questions enriches the study of the Word of God. The addition of Jean's weekly lectures of DVDs or CDs will greatly enhance and expand the potential impact of the study. The use of DVDs or CDs increases the program to a 10-week study, perfect for a small group or church setting. The Leader's Guide (included in the workbook) offers valuable instruction to incorporate the series into your church program.

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